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Silver $12.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
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10 GB bandwidth/Month


Letting your children on the internet can be concerning – but with RushVPN, we aim to help every member of your family to be safe no matter what websites that you’re on or where you’re located at the time.

Security that your family can rely on

We have made a commitment to your family’s security and, because of that, we use the highest encryption tech that is currently available.

You never have to patiently wait for slow loading times with the help of RushVPN.

No more waiting, only fast, uninterrupted streaming, with the help of our high-speed servers.

No Hands!

We know that time with your family is important – so we’ve developed a setup client that makes getting things ready quick and simple.

Zero Logging

We’ve put together an anti-logging policy so that third parties don’t have any possible way to get your information.

Shut it Down when Trouble Arises

If there happens to be a hiccup or strange activity, the RushVPN system can detect it. It’ll take action immediately, shutting everything down and dropping your connection for your protection.

Server Locations

Check out this map to see where our servers are located.

It’s essential to use the VPN client from RushVPN so your family is always secure on the web.

Why Is RushVPN a must?

We’re the right people to trust if internet security is important to you and your household.

Private Data Stays that Way

In the online world, your IP address is kin to your identification card. With it, your location, identity and online activity can be tracked. RushVPN’s client combats this through its encryption processes, thereby protecting your privacy and ensuring your anonymity. Now you can surf the web without fear.


Unless you are visiting penguins in Antarctica, our revolutionary VPN client allows you to access content in any region. Simply connect to a server through our VPN client and start browsing the internet the way it was meant to be.

Protection That Comes With You

If you travel anywhere in the world, our RushVPN VPN access is able to come with you, no limits, no restrictions.

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